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Our fence-building team has worked with many customers in and around Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley, and we always get the job done right. Our team members are detail-oriented, hard-working, meticulous, and efficient, all while delivering your fencing job at a reasonable price. Detail is a priority at Missoula Fencing Company, and we take a tremendous amount of pride in each post, rail, staple, nail, and screw.


Our beautiful community consists of many hard-working customers, from homeowners to ranchers who need a cattle fence or livestock corral. We understand that money is hard to come by around here and feel that our price to build a fence is very affordable and competitive. We have many different fence styles and options to meet every demand and can often work with you on what choice is best based on the fencing budget you have. Call us today to discuss your fencing options!

Customer Service

No matter what, our goal is to leave the customer with a huge sense of satisfaction in our work and the customer service we provide. Our fence contractor team is professional and friendly and understands that customer satisfaction is a huge component of how we built our reputation around Missoula and Bitterroot Valley. We work hard to earn your trust and will continue to do so.

Fence Building and Installation Contractor in Missoula, MT

Your fence around your property is most likely giving visitors the first impression of your home or business. Now the question is – is it an excellent first impression or less than desirable? Everyone wants that wow factor when people first arrive at their property, but not everyone is willing to do the work for it. Luckily, here at Missoula Fencing Company, we can deliver that dream fence for you! Whether you are looking for wrought iron, vinyl, chain link, or wood, we can provide the fence of your dreams!

we prioritize unparalleled workmanship and offer a rock-solid guarantee for your peace of mind
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About Us

We are a Missoula-owned and operated fence team that has worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that you get the fence service that you need. We will be able to ensure that the work that we do for you meets your standards on time and gives you a high-quality end product. Our long history of customer satisfaction speaks for itself! Our fencing contractors have many years of local, Montana fencing experience for various Missoula area ranches, farms, homes, and businesses alike. We can help with any fencing project needs that you may have! We are proud to serve our neighbors in Missoula, MT, and the surrounding areas.

Our Services

If you need a wooden fence, a vinyl fence, a commercial fence, or even a baseball fence- our team can provide you with the fence services that you have been looking for. There are many reasons for wanting a fence, so no matter the purpose of the fence you are installing, Missoula Fencing Company will make sure it functions to your expectations. From security to beauty to keeping pets in, or a livestock fence -we can do it all! Make sure you trust us as your dedicated fence company, fence installers, and fence builders, so you get the job done right the first time.

If you hire us to do the fencing, you will be sure to get a design that complements the style of your home. Vinyl is very adaptable and can fit with any setting while also giving the beauty of wood fences. Many vinyl fences also come with a lifetime warranty, so there is some assurance against the weather elements. These coverages may be different depending on the company or the package. You can explore these types though a lifetime limited warranty would go along with a vinyl fence. The goal is to protect your investment so that it remains for years. Vinyl fences are great for shielding the yard from prying eyes. However, you can go for all American pickets and classic fences as well, which are the decorative vinyl options. We will provide you with the vinyl fence services that you have been hoping for. Vinyl fence installation can be a tricky job to try to take on by yourself. Our professionals have the expertise to give you a perfectly straight and in-line finished product. Vinyl fences are always a smart choice. They look fantastic and will add value to your home or business! Call us today for your free quote!

Vinyl Fences

If you need fence installation services for your vinyl fence, or if you need to have your vinyl fence replaced, the team here at Missoula Fencing Company is going to be able to get this work done for you. Vinyl fences have come a long way in terms of their features. The current versions require minimal maintenance. They can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer, and the material retains its color. That removes the need for regular staining or repainting. Some also do not scratch easily, so that would eliminate the need for repair or polishing.

Vinyl fences also happen to be flexible due to the nature of their strength as well. If you live in an area with a lot of precipitation and wind like Missoula. The flexibility that is associated with the fencing is going to help it to remain standing and beautiful. The strength of the material and its durable nature makes it a great option for those who own farms or are equestrians. Animals will not be harmed if they try to eat the fence or run into it. Vinyl fence is straightforward to install as well. It may be tempting to homeowners as they would want to handle it by themselves, but that leaves room for error, and it would not take as long or be as expensive to hire a professional platform to do it for you. You will appreciate the results after we do it for you. One of the most sought-after attributes from vinyl is the different styles it can come in. You can opt for privacy and picket-type fencing to ornamental and post & rail varieties.

Wooden Fences

A wooden fence can be a beautiful feature on your property, and when you invest into a wooden fence, you will want to make sure that you hire a team who knows what they are doing. Our team has the experience with wood fences to know how to deliver a quality finished product. We know the best stains and paints that will give you the longest lifetime and look for your fence. We can also handle any add-ons you may have, such as gates, customized shapes or heights, or anything else. Customers tend to choose between form and function when it comes to wooden fences. Form, in this case, for stylistic reasons and function for the purpose it would serve.

As a homeowner, you would want to consider the compatibility of the fence with your style and the landscape design. For example, the typical picket style fencing is one of the natural fits for cottage-themed houses and those with landscapes designed as inspired by English cottage gardens. If you have a ranch-style house or a similar design to the southwestern theme, then split rail wood fences would be the way to go. You may also try rough and rugged posts and rails. On the other hand, you may be looking for a wooden fence to discourage nosy neighbors and add to the home’s security. The fence types we offer are great as both visual and noise barriers. For example, the stockade style is an example of a design that will provide visual barriers between the yard and your neighbor’s, allowing you to have the privacy desired. Though brick walls can achieve the same, it’s a bit overkill and would be more expensive, of course.

You can also try the tall picket fencing option, which will provide significant privacy as well. Vertical board fences are a good choice as well. They come in the formation of butted edge-to-edge or overlapped to make sure you have as much privacy as necessary. These not only block the view of nosy neighbors and passersby but are a good thing during the winter, considering the wind.

​Wooden fences are a fan favorite as well nowadays, considering they are environmentally friendly, so you will never have to worry about disposal when the boards start to wear out. They are biodegradable. Wood is also aesthetic. It can be designed to match your style, as well, despite the functional orientation. They are also cost-effective for the long term because these fences are not very expensive to maintain, and they are pretty durable. The great thing is the platform has several options for you. If you go with Missoula Fencing Co, we will be able to provide you with a wooden fence that will exceed all of your expectations.
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Chain link fences allow you to see when people are approaching and make sure sunlight goes through to the yard, which is excellent if you have low-level bushes and shrubs. These fences are also installed quickly as compared to other fencing types. If the timeline is tight or there is a need to enclose the property fast, this would be a great advantage. It is easily repairable as well. Should a section of the fence become damaged in an incident of vandalism or an accident, it can be cut out and replaced seamlessly without high cost. Considering the coating will be a good match compared to the rest of the fence, it means that the repair work will not necessarily be noticeable. For more questions about our chain link fences or schedule your free chain link fence quote, give us a call today!

Chain Link Fences

Unlike a standard metal fence, a chain-link fence can be customized to meet all of your needs, and at Missoula Fencing Company, we can get the chain-link fence that is just right for you. Our professionals have the experience to know how to make it correctly to be durable and long-lasting amid our crazy weather patterns. If you need extra security precautions, a chain-link fence may be what you are looking for. Chain link can provide you with extra protection versus a rail or vinyl fence. Its metallic material structure allows for high durability against penetration or the weather.

When installed the right way, you, as the homeowner, will not have to worry about maintenance that much. Because of the galvanized aluminum, it will not be vulnerable to rust or even gather dust. You might have to consider the climbing vines which grow up along the links in some areas. These are the plants that you will have to trim off before they compromise the fence. The other advantage of chain link fences is the nature of the visibility they offer the property owner. You may want a clear boundary to be set, but that does not mean trading in with the ability to see the surroundings and the neighborhood.

Wrought Iron Fences

A wrought iron fence can be a beautiful choice for your home property if you want to ensure that the property is safe and secure. Our team also specializes in building custom gates or wrought iron driveway entrances. Wrought iron is timeless and adds much curb appeal and value to a home or business. The reason is the material can be shaped into almost any design imaginable, and that will allow you to customize it according to the needed aesthetic. No fencing material comes close in terms of flexibility. Wrought iron is durable, of course, considering it is entirely metal.

That is an advantage to you as the homeowner because of the difficulty that comes with damaging it. These fences were chosen mainly by royalty and aristocrats because of their hard nature. That’s why it is common to see posh places having wrought iron fences, especially if the homes they surround are over a century old. If they are well maintained, these fences will give you a low value for money. They would be anchored as well by concrete, which means adverse weather like twisters or other storms would not cause a lot of damage.

Wrought iron does not only have design options but can also be customized according to a broad spectrum of shapes and designs. That means there is a lot of freedom to choose the thing that best suits the style of the home. It is also possible to have the design custom-made for a look that is one of a kind. As a professional company, we have been in this industry for many years and we know how to get the work done right. Not to mention, we know that the work that we do is demanding, and we are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that the work is done right every time. No other gate installer and custom fence builder is quite like us for all of your wrought iron fence dreams. Call us today with your wrought iron gate or fence questions or to schedule your free quote!

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Fence Repair & Maintenance

Our team here at Missoula Fencing Company can handle Fence maintenance, and we will also be able to provide you with fence repair services. For example, if you need a fence cleaner, we can be that team for you. Also, if you need a porch railing painted, we can get that done for you too. And, of course, we are here for all of your fence repair needs for a variety of fences, including privacy fences, animal fences, livestock fences, aluminum fences, and even decorative fences. No matter what type of fence that you have, all of your repair and maintenance needs will be covered by us. Call us today for your free quote!

Fence Removal

If you need a fence tear-down service, leave it to the fence removal experts here at Missoula Fencing Company. We know that over time, a farm fence, garden fence, or any other type of fence can get worn down over time. Fence removal needs to be timely, which means telling the best time to call a professional service to solve the problem. Sagged, warped, or unstable posts are a key symptom of problems with the fence. Regardless of the material, the posts are critical towards maintaining structure. When the posts bend, crack or warp, there is pressure placed on the boarding.

Unfortunately, it causes the structure to collapse eventually. If there is significant damage from the wind, it can make the post weak, though chronic damage may also develop at the base of the posts. That means urgent attention is required and potentially fence removal. Discoloration is also a sign that you need assistance with the fence. Wood and other composite materials may become discolored as mold begins to develop. For example, white vinyl types can grow a green type of tint from the growth of algae. The good thing is algae on vinyl is usually more of an aesthetic than a functional problem. The discoloration that comes from insect or mold infestation on wood fencing can also turn out to be a sign of a fatal disease. Unfortunately, a greying wood fence shows that the wood is drying out, which is problematic considering chips and dry wood splinters.

Insect or pest damage also means that the fence has problems. The wood can be swollen in places or have moisture penetration in others. These are side effects from termites or rodent damage because these pests infiltrate and degrade the nature of the wood. Holes start to form, and moisture comes into these places leading to slow rot. You might start to notice mold forming, which is usually the last stage of structural degradation. By the time it gets to this stage, the fence starts to buckle in places, and there is no obvious cause. It just seems to be weak. You may also spot several insects crawling in track formation on the boards or overt mounds to show where they live. If any of these signs are obvious, it is time to call fence removal exports like Missoula Fence Builder to take care of the problem. Our team here at Missoula Fencing Company is ready to step in when you need a fence contractor to come in and get rid of the old materials. Also, if you need a service for a fence rebuild, we will be able to provide you with that service in a package deal.

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“I needed a fence that could ensure that my pets and that my children are safe in the yard. After hiring Missoula Fencing Company, they went through my safety options for fence choices, and I was able to make the right choice. I am grateful for having such a caring fence team look after my needs.” – Kyle T.

“The fence company that you are going to want to hire is over at Missoula Fencing Company! They are great.” – Chad G.

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